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Each monster in the game likes four or five things on each island. Below you can find tables for each island showing all the monsters available there, and all of the things that those monsters like. When a monster is close to a monster or a decoration it likes, it's Happiness will increase by 25%. A monster's Happiness caps at 100%, and cannot go higher. A monster's earnings increase when it's Happiness increases. If a monster likes 5 things, it is because the monster it likes is not on all the islands it is on, and needs another monster to fill that gap.

These likes only exist on the outer islands, due to the fact that monsters do not produce coins on the Continent.

The Decoration Storage Structure is also available on the Outer Islands, and unlike the first game a Unity Tree is not required for monsters to like decorations inside it. It is upgraded with coins and Crystals, starting with 10 decoration slots and going up to 15, 20, 25 and finally 30 decoration slots.

The update that introduces Likes also makes a second Workshop cost 12,000 coins instead of diamonds, and buy-only decorations are 10% cheaper than before.


Decorations added in this update are italicized.

Monster Islands Like 1 Like 2 Like 3 Like 4 (Secret Like) Like 5
Noggin Party, Space Potbelly Small Bush Gingerbread House Snayle-Well
Kayna Party, Cave Quibble Rock Garden Flappy Flag Scamper Tree
Mammott Party, Cave Shrubb Apple Barrel Barbloo Statue Trunka Tree Yelmut
Toe Jammer Space Sooza Coral Stone Floating Birdhouse Bamboo Aquarium
Potbelly Party, Space Noggin Tree Hut Barnacle Palm Gaudy Outgrowth
Tweedle Cloud Flum Ox Avian Plinth Astral Abode Floating Birdhousse
Stogg Party, Space Furcorn Space Fungus Stellar Shrine Tiremallow Bush
Drumpler Space Deedge Ffestiv Tree Ingot Display Copper Timpani
Fwog Cave Wynq Bottomless Pit Dank Dwelling Epicka Tree
Shrubb Party Mammott Glyphy Stone Wheatgrass Hut Funguy Rest
Boskus Cloud Phangler Spore from Afar Frozen Willow Hayloo Tree
Phangler Cloud Boskus Goo Tree Sand Fountain Dragoon Statue
Flowah Space, Cave Bowgart Blooming Chair Tub Fountain Jemstoen Mound
Glowl Cave Barrb Floating Birdhouse Epicka Tree Dragon Tower
Maw Party Edamimi Yum-Yum Tree Barbapap Tree Apple Barrel
Furcorn Party, Space Stogg Green Theeng Blooming Chair Small Bush
Pango Cloud Woolabee Frozen Willow Avian Plinth Rock Garden
Oaktopus Party, Cloud Ziggurab Barnacle Palm Spike Trio Tiremallow Bush
Quibble Party, Cave Kayna Bamboo Aquarium Jemstoen Mound Land Boat
Dandidoo Cloud Whaddle Dandifloret Pile Space Fungus Flappy Flag
Ziggurab Party, Cloud Oaktopus Turquoise Tower Gaudy Outgrowth Funguy Rest
Pom-Pom Party, Space, Cloud Candelavra Entbrat
Woolabee Cloud Pango Dandifloret Pile Floating Birdhouse Spore from Afar
Yelmut Cave Mammott Green Theeng Goo Tree Moshroom Lecturn

New DecorationsEdit

  • Bamboo Aquarium (Lv. 12): 4 Bamboo, 3 Ice or  1,000 coins
  • Green Theeng (Lv. 11): 2 Grain, 5 Slime or 650 coins
  • Moshroom Lecturn (Lv. 15) 4 Mushroom, 2 Log or 1500 coins
  • Dandifloret Pile (Lv. 18) 15,000 coins
  • Turquoise Tower (Lv. 18) 25,000 coins
  • Jemstoen Mound (Lv. 26) 60,000 coins
  • Frozen Willow (Lv. 12) 3 Frozinium Crystal, 3 Ice, 3 Seedling or 600 coins
  • Yum-Yum Tree (Lv. 30) 70,000 coins
  • Copper Timpani (Lv. 39) 5 Copper or 19,000 coins
  • Tub Fountain (Lv. 31) 3 Polished Aquanine Crystal or 3,900 coins
  • Dragoon Statue (Lv. 46) 200,000 coins