Mirror Wublin Island is the Island for the Rare-Blins & the Wubbox is here (again) but this time the Rare-Blins sing a similar song to Wublin Island but longer & with new sounds. The Rare-Blins are the same as their Common Counterparts but, they use Rare Monster eggs just like the Rare Wubbox does. The Rare-Blins also need the same amount of Rare Monster eggs as the Common Wublins need of common monster eggs.

Monsters: Edit

Rare Brump

Rare Zynth

Rare Poewk

Rare Thwok

Rare Dwumrohl

Rare Zuuker

Rare Screemu

Rare Tympa

Rare Dermit

Rare Gheegur

Rare Whajje

Rare Creepuscule

Rare Blipsqueak

Rare Scargo

Rare Astropod

Rare Pixolotl

Rare Bona-Petite

Rare Maulch

Rare Fleechwurm


Trivia: Edit

• Mirror Wublin Island costs 100 Diamonds just like Mirror Plant Island

• The Rare-Blins time limit for how long their egg inventory lasts is expanded to a year or two.