"Plucksitar is quite the enigma. Not quite fish, not quite beaver. Nobody really knows anything about this creature other than it's name, colour, song, house address, phone number, favourite ice cream flavour (cotton candy) and sleep schedule."

Plucksitar is an Ethereal Monster with the elements Shadow, Mech and Poison.It can be bred or bought from the store for 2,250 diamonds. It uses it's mustache to play the strings on the log and that makes the noise of a sitar.

Breeding CombinationsEdit

Arackulele + Humbug

Reebro + Kazilleon

Grumpyre + Dragong


  • Guitree.
  • Meldablend.

Cost: 2,250 Diamonds

Beds: 15

Shards per Minute: 18

Max Shards: 350 Shards

Likes: Trumpony, Guitree, Meldablend, Cornihorn Statue (Hidden)


  • Plucksitar is based off Whiscash from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.