" Armed with improved eyesight and long hands, Rare Brump is always looking to lend a hand to Wublins in need. While it can never seem to stop poking anyone and everyone with its sharp fingernails, it's always using its sharp eyesight to look out for its buddies. And its pink Furcorn eggs are pretty snazzy, too. "

Rare Brump was the first Rareblin available in My Singing Monsters.

Appearance Edit

The Rare Brump looks similar to Brump, but with multiple changes. It's Furcorn eggs are now Rare Furcorn eggs ( since it's a rare monster ). It's entire body is blue, and its tail is longer and lined with red spikes. It has 2 big eyes and blue arms with long fingernails.

Song Edit

The Rare Brump's song is the same as its common counterpart. It sings " Wake up the Wublins, wake up the Wublins! " In a loud, scratchy voice.

Eggs Edit

  • 2 Rare Fwogs
  • 6 Rare Furcorns