" Forged from the hardest-and shiniest- metal the Wublins have ever seen- gold, the Rare Dermit is the perfect companion when adventuring into dark areas. It's structure sends reflections bouncing off the walls, and its spikes fend off enemies. But don't get too close; you don't want to catch warts from it, unless your'e afraid of the dark. "

- Rare Dermit's Bio

Rare Dermit was the 9th Rare-blin released in My Singing Monsters. It was released on July 29, 2018.

Appearance Edit

Rare Dermit looks similar to the Dermit, except it is made entirely of gold, and its belly is a light peach. It's eyes are emerald green, and it has spikes all over its arms and legs.

Song Edit

Rare Dermit's song is the same as its common counterpart; it sings " Bom BomBom Badombom Bum Bum Bom Badombom Badom " in a low, raspy voice.

Eggs Edit

Rare Dermit requires 3 Rare Entbrat's, 3 Rare Quarrister's, 4 Rare Scup's, 4 Rare Thumpies, and 12 Rare Fwog's to wake up.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its bio, the Rare Dermit doesn't actually have any warts on it.