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Rare Ghazt
"First thought to be nonexistent, the rarethereal Ghazt was spotted near Ethereal Island recently. With it's strange 10 orbs, it is thought that they taste like mango and pineapple, it lobes to eat annoying monsters like Furcorn."

The Rare Ghazt is a rare monster and is the rare version of the Ghazt.

Breeding CombinationsEdit

Plant IslandEdit

Entbrat + any 3 element (rares seem to work better)

Ethereal IslandEdit

Ghazt + Any Ethereal Monster

Nebulob/Whisp/Sox/Jellbilly + Nebulob/Whisp/Sox/Jellbilly


    • Ghazt
    • Razzli Tree
    • Fire Bush
    • Bass String Bridge
  • Fire Bush
  • Razzli Tree
  • Bass String Bridge (Hidden)

Gallery Edit


The REAL Rare Ghazt