Rare Jeeode

"Whilist you must be very fortunate to see one, it is really quite a marvel. The surface of the crystal material that makes up this monster is very reflective, so monsters use that to their advantage while combing their fur.... uh, scales? Skin flakes?"

The Rare Jeeode is a rare version of the Jeeode.

Breeding CombinationsEdit

Water IslandEdit

  • Shellbeat + Any 3 element monster (Rares work better)

Ethereal IslandEdit

  • Jeeode + Any Ethereal Monster
  • Sox/Boodoo/Bellowfish/Fung Pray + Sox/Boodoo/Bellowfish/Fung Pray


    • Jeeode.
    • Barbloo Statue.
    • Traveler's Sign.
    • Dragoon Statue.
  • Barbloo Statue
  • Traveler's Sign
  • Dragoon Statue